An Association of Veterans of the Second Indochina War & Their Foreign Counterparts

Our website is dedicated to Advisors and their Counterparts ...those who never gave up.

We support humanitarian efforts in Southeast Asia and assist veterans
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Columbus, Georgia
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Who were Advisors and What Were Advisory Teams in Vietnam?
Search Advisors Names Search Military Units MACV Naval Advisory Group
MACV/CORDS Mobile Adv Teams (MAT) SF Advisory Role MAAG PHAP/MILPHAP
Allies in Vietnam [1]  [2] Presidential Unit Citations to Non-US Units Annual Allied Troops 1959-1973
Commemoration of Black April 30 1975
"Gratefully respectful [of the]
Fallen Heros of the Republic of Vietnam
[who] Sacrificed for Their Country"
( Translation: Damian Hop Tran, USMC )
Black April to Expatriate Vietnamese
ROK Vietnam Support
Australian Army Training Team (AATTV)
New Zealand Army Training Team (NZATTV)
Phillipine Vietnam Support (PhilCAG)
Republic of China Support (ROC)
Spain's Military Med Team
RVN In-Country Videos
USMC Combined Action Program
USMC CAP Members
Civil Affairs in Vietnam #1
Civil Affairs in Vietnam #2
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