Picture Submissions
File Properties for All Methods of Submission
1) All pictures must be in JPG or GIF format for web viewing.
2) Images sizes should not exceed 400 W x 200 H with a pixel resolution of 72 or 96.
    (You don't like to wait for image downloads, so please don't make others wait by loading large images!)
3) Most graphics software will allow you to "Resize" and change your pixel density.
Methods of Submission
If you prefer not to send them to us electronically, please use one of the options below:
1) If you have a scanner, please scan them as jpg files and email them to us at jimalkek@yahoo.com
2) If you do not have access to a scanner for your pictures, you may mail them to us. The package should include as much information as possible including Subject, US Units, Foreign Units, Dates, District, Province, Names, Summary Description, and a Full Description for each picture.
The pictures should be mailed in a sturdy envelope to "Counterparts Librarian", 4107 Solway Lane, Houston, Tx 77025-2913.
Do not forget to include your return address.
If you want to send them electronically, please follow the instructions below:
In order to record the complete path to your file, please use the "Browse" button.
Image Path (& Filename):
Ready to send? Please click: