Website Changes Planned or Requested, Started and Completed
As of September,28, 2023
Job No Topic Summary Request Dt Request By Entry Dt Start Dt Fin Dt Fin By
1 Add Auto Zip Codes-Member Application 4/15/23 Jim Alkek 7/24/23
  Notes: Create ability to auto populate zip code when member city and state are entered.
2 Add Pictures-Village Market 4/15/23 Hank Choy 7/24/23
  Notes: Add scanned pictures of Village Market items for sale
3 Add Pictures-Reunions 4/15/23 Hank Choy/Carol Lund 7/24/23
  Notes: Add scanned pictures to on-line Reunion Picture Album
4 Add Email System-Ticklers 4/15/23 John Haseman 7/24/23 6/1/23
  Notes: Add email system to non-paying members