An Association of Veterans of the Second Indochina War & Their Foreign Counterparts

This page is dedicated to those we left behind, those who escaped, those who came back, and those who never gave up.
Counterparts is an active veterans organization and supports humanitarian efforts in Southeast Asia. Our Locators and Liason Officers maintain contacts with numerous US and Foreign veterans organizations. Full membership is open to all persons from the U.S. or an allied country who served in an Advisory capacity, and their foreign military Counterparts and anyone who supports our mission.
  • Counterparts maintains a roster of members by advisory assignments and dates to assist members in finding their teammates.
  • Counterparts maintains a roster of members by foreign units to assist former Advisors and their former Counterparts in locating each other.
  • Counterparts actively works to support their Counterparts who are still overseas and who wish to reside in the United States.
  • Counterparts supports educational programs by providing authors and speakers who are knowledgeable of the military assistance missions and events.
  • Counterparts publishes a quarterly newsletter, SITREP, that includes personnel search information, foreign unit patches and descriptions, and Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, and Laotian language references.
    Visit the Counterparts/THDNA Facebook Page for Discussions and Pictures. This is a "Closed Facebook Group and requires current, active membership in Counterparts to Participate.
    Non-US Presidential Unit Citations
    ROK Vietnam Support
    Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV)
    New Zealand Army Training Team Vietnam (NZATTV)
    Phillipine Vietnam Support (PhilCAG)
    Spain's Vietnam Med Team
    Green Dragon
    The Green Dragon
    The story of Vietnamese refugees
    as they first arrive at Camp
    Pendleton in the United States as
    the Vietnam War ends in 1975.
    (Thanks to Bill Laurie, for finding
    this movie, and YouTube Movies.)

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