Memorabilia for Sale
Description   Color/Type Size US$
Counterparts Coin    Solid Bronze  1.5" Diameter  10.00

Counterparts Decal    7 Color Logogram  3x4.75" Oval  2.00

Counterparts Hat   Black Direct Embroidery  Expandable  16.00

Counterparts Jacket   Black Direct Embroidery  Most Sizes  35.00

Counterparts Mug   White Logogram    12.00

Counterparts Patch    8 Color Direct Embroidery  3x4.75" Oval  6.00

MACV Patch    3 Color Direct Embroidery    3.00

Counterparts Pin    Bronze over Pewter  .75x1.06" Oval  12.00

Counterparts Shirt   Black, White Direct Embroidery  Most Sizes  25.00

Counterparts Shirt   White Logogram  M, L & XL  10.00

Counterparts Shirt   White Logogram  XXL  12.00

  Shipping & Handling Fee: US$ 6.00 per order
Please send prepaid orders (including Shipping & Handling Fee)
with US bank check or US money order payable to:

Counterparts Association
Send Payment To: Mike McMunn, 2310 Newberry St, Williamsport, PA 17701 USA
For information, call 570-220-8156 or Email
NOTE: Items listed above may be out of stock. For more info Contact Mike McMunn