Allied Countries - New Zealand (NZL)
New Zealand Med Team & 2NZATTV
RNZN medical personnel were members of the 1st New Zealand Services Medical Team (NZSMT) in Vietnam, a 19-strong detachment of medical personnel from the Royal New Zealand Navy, Royal New Zealand Air Force, and Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps deployed in April 1967. The team's role was to provide medical and surgical assistance to South Vietnamese civilians and developing local knowledge in this field.
The New Zealanders relieved a United States Army medical team at Bong Son in Binh Dinh province.
They also treated military casualties who were brought to the Bog Son Dispensary, including Army of the Republic of Vietnam personnel and Viet Cong prisoners. In June 1969 the team moved to the new 100-bed Bong Son Impact Hospital. The average bed-state was 92 and approximately 46,000 outpatients (mostly civilians) were treated annually before the team's withdrawal in December 1971.
Two RNZN personnel served with the second New Zealand Army Training Team Vietnam (2NZATTV), an 18-man team deployed in February 1972 based at Dong Ba Thin Base Camp, near Cam Ranh Bay. It assisted with the training of Cambodian, Khmer National Armed Forces (FANK) infantry battalions in weapons, tactics and first aid.
This team also provided first aid instruction and specialist medical instruction at Dong Ba Thin's 50-bed hospital.