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Counterparts (Thuong Huu Dong Nam A) is a veteran's association of advisors and their associates who served with allied forces in Southeast Asia during the Second Indochina War. Established in 1987, this international society consists principally of former military advisors in Vietnam, but it is also open to foreign nationals and civilians who served similar roles. It is a tenet of this unique organization that the advisorial relationship was mutual, the exchange reciprocal, and that sterling qualities were not exclusive to any particular element. Members seek continuing fraternity, aid to emigres and refugees, historical accuracy on the war, and socio-political observation of Asian changes.

Applicants must describe their service, affirm their honorable status, and provide some documentary proof of elgibility (DD-214, Orders, etc.). Counterparts publishes a quarterly newsletter, entitled the SITREP, and conducts an annual convention during Tet. Plans exist to preserve archival materials, to compile an anthology of member experiences and reflections, and to promote regional activities. Annual Membership fees are nominal at $35.00 (US) per year, and coincident with the lunar year. A one-time initiation fee of $10.00 (US) is charged all new members to finance their membership tokens. Life membership, equal to ten years pre-paid dues (currently $350.00 US), may be incremented over any single year by prior arrangement with the Adjutant. fund raising raffles or auctions are periodically conducted, and donations are accepted. Friends and relatives may select associate status to support the objectives of this organization.

Counterparts is structured on a not for profit basis, and all officers are volunteer. It is a member organization of the National Vietnam Veterans Coalition and is affiliated with the Montagnard DEGA Association and the Vietnamese Veterans Federation. Counterparts is not Congressionally chartered and cannot represent veterans in litigation or claims. Counterparts is non-partisan and may not issue endorsements, but individual members are encouraged to act conscientiously and responsibly.

Completed applications with the required supporting documentation should be sent to John Haseman, Membership Officer, ATTN: C/THDNA, 555 W Saddle Dr, Grand Junction, CO USA 81507. John's email address is jhaseman@earthlink.net.

In the interest of better understanding and cooperation, the following policy statements are published.

1.The Vietnam experience was distinct in several ways ... most of which make administering a veteran's organization more difficult. Because we accept the "function" of advising, instead of the mere "assignment", as sufficient eligibility, we must accept a variety of "proofs" by applicants ... ranging from orders and citations to affidavits and salary receipts. Being open to civilian and military persons, many of whom served multiple tours in different capacities, spanning a thirty-year period in five countries, definitely complicates admissions. The requirement for "some docuementary evidence" has inconvenienced, offended, and/or frightened some applicants; and doubtless lost us a few potential members. However, as episodes have attested, it helps to exclude frauds. This documentary requirement is applied uniformly without exception, and the evidence, held in strict confidentiality, must satisfy any "reasonable man". Supporting documentation need only be sufficient or adequate, instead of exhaustive ... since a complete career or military history is not necessary. It is not intended to insult or harass inquirers. It is our mutual assurance that every single member is legitimate.
2.It is a tenet of this Association that the "advisorial relationship" was interactive and unique. This means that honorable men, who respected their cultural differences, allied themselves for a common goal sanctioned by their sovereign governements. It dies not mean that there were no problems, difficulties, or disputes. Any fair appraisal or honest assessment whould render "bitter-sweet" conclusions. The advisory experience was uncommon, the circumstances unusual, and the procedures unconventional. Our Association is also unusual in admitting all advisory roles to full-membership; and that we advocate historical accuracy. The truth, in all its complex variety, is most important, and most vunerable. We have no "hidden agenda" nor "secret policy". Our fellowship stands as testimonial contrast to the vapid stereotypes about the war.
3.Counterparts is not a general membership organization, and does not admit casual or unqualified persons to any membership category. Counterparts is exclusive, and shall always remain small and personable. We honor the contributions of related service by distinguished persons who are otherwise ineligible, and we affiliate with the related organizations in "common cause" without compromise of integrity or autonomy; but we primarily exist to serve the needs of a neglected population: advisors, their teams and Counterparts. Every applicant shall describe their eligibility or state their interest in joining the Association. Any person, from relatives of veterans, spouses, nurses, chaplains, S-2s and S-5s, from teachers, technicians, diplomats and specialists shall receive a fair and courteous consideration of their application.

If you would like to learn more about Counterparts, please do not hesitate to contact one of our officers or designated staff members by e-mail.

If you would like to submit a membership application to us, you may request an application form from John Haseman, Membership Officer at C/THDNA, 555 W Saddle Dr, Grand Junction, CO USA 81507, or go to our on-line application. The on-line application may be printed out and mailed to the Membership Chairman, or submitted electronically. In either case, you must mail your documentary evidence to the Membership Chairman at the address shown above for verification.