The post-Westmoreland commanding general in Vietnam was??
New Controversial Book Reviews ( Historical Facts vs Errors and Omissions )
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Patriots Christian Appy 2003 Appy Critque Bill Laurie 12/3/2022 Appy teaches at U. Massachusetts, Amhurst. He is considered a "...widely known as a leading expert on the Vietnam experience". In another article he relates how he has "educated" hundreds of students in his VN classes. Read the attached review for a less than favorable view of his intellectual expertise and integrity.
America's Longest War George Herring 1996 Herring Critque Bill Laurie 12/3/2022 It is very disturbing to reflect upon the fact that this book is otherwise praised to the heavens and Herring is deemed a "god of Viet Nam studies". I actually heard him praised in just these terms at a VN conference. With hopes you can forgive crass language I think this book is a piece of sh-t, and sloppy amateur history.
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